Stem cells offer medical professionals a viable source of replacement cells to restore damaged joints and tissue in the body. At Advanced Health Solutions in Montrose, we offer stem cell injections to our patients to help promote healing from within the body. This can be the perfect alternative to recovery time and the side effects of surgery and additional medications. Stem cell therapy can be used to:

  • Reduce pain due to anti-inflammatory properties
  • Enhance tissue growth and repair
  • Help to regenerate and lubricate cartilage

In addition to stem cell treatments, we also specialize in pain management, chiropractic care, PRP therapy, and weight loss. Schedule your consultation today!


Stem Cell Injections

Stem cells injected into damaged tissue replicate almost any type of cell needed by the body to regenerate.
We offer stem cell injections that promote healing from within the body. As an alternative to the recovery time and side effects of surgery and medications, we attempt to help the body regenerate itself. Umbilical cord Stem cells are multipotent, which means they are able to act like other cells in the body to successfully repair damage such as degenerative arthritis, tendon and ligament damage, and joint pain. Containing anti-inflammatory properties, and hyaluronic acid which lubricate joints and tendons, they also provide pain relief while restoring tissue. Tissue regeneration is helped by the mix of cells,electrolytes, growth factors,carbohydrates, lipids, amino acids, enzymes, and other hormones present in the amniotic fluid. These components work together at the site of injury so new cells can form, and the injured tissue can be repaired, remodeled, and rebuilt back to its normal state.

What Are Umbilical Cord Stem Cells & Where Do They Come From?

Umbilical cord stem cells are obtained from healthy donors who have volunteered to donate their umbilical cord after undergoing elective caesarian delivery. The umbilical cord is collected at several facilities around the country, following strict guidelines. The donors are between 18 and 35 years old, are healthy, and have no prior use of medication or other chemical substances. A careful history is taken regarding their social life, as well as their medical history. Their blood is tested for communicable diseases. At the time of their caesarian delivery, the baby is delivered healthy and the umbilical cord is aseptically. The tissues are tested to ensure viability and safety. The tissues are processed to the highest standards in a state of the art AATB accredited facility. AATB and FDA rules and regulations are strictly adhered to ensure safety of the tissues before it is released for use.


Pain relief, due anti-inflammatory properties including cytokines.
New tissue growth and repair.
New cartilage regeneration and lubrication.
Prevent further cartilage damage without the use of steroids.
With umbilical cordstem cells, there is no immune system rejection.
Better healing potential due to higher concentration of umbilical cord stem cells versus embryonic stem cells and the patients own stem cells( from fat or bone marrow).

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