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Regenerative Medicine for Joint Pain Relief

Joint Pain Relief & Repair without Surgery

Today, there are new, advanced treatments for handling joint pain that don't involve surgery or endless medications. This is even true for many people who were told that surgery was their only option. These new, regenerative treatments help the body to rebuild and repair damaged tissue, cartilage, ligaments, and muscle and can actually reverse damage from injury or age. If you're dealing with knee, shoulder, hip, or other joint pain, you owe it to yourself to see if our regenerative treatments can help you before you decide to do a more invasive procedure or simply rely on pain management, which often provides little relief.

Regenerative treatments:

  • Reduce pain

  • Enhance tissue growth and repair

  • Help to regenerate and lubricate cartilage

  • No surgery

  • No downtime 

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) - One type of regenerative therapy we offer is PRP. This is where we remove a small amount of your blood and spin it down with a special centrifuge to concentrate the growth factors. These growth factors increase your number of reparative cells and boost your body's natural ability to heal. We inject them into the area of concern in a simple, in-office procedure.  PRP is commonly used for tendons, ligaments, muscles, and arthritic joints (mild to moderate).

If you or a loved one have joint pain, our regenerative therapies may help facilitate healing. Dr. Haas and his caring staff wants to help. Fill out the form below to request your consultation.

Handle Your Joint Pain without Surgery or Medications

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