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Weight Loss

Medically Developed Diet Program

We all know the consequences of being overweight — health problems, inflammation, depression, and more. In addition to the health issues, it also makes us feel uncomfortable in our bodies and can hold us back from doing certain activities or dressing how we'd like.

Losing weight on one's own and keeping it off is extremely difficult to do. Those who have the most success have a guided support system and follow a proven program. This is what we offer.


Whether you have a little or a lot of weight to lose, our special weight loss program at Advanced Health Solutions-Montrose will help you lose fat while maintaining muscle mass. Our program is customized for your body's unique needs and primes it to lose fat.

Patients using our doctor-supervised program have experienced:

  • Successful fat loss and achieving weight loss goals

  • Relief of aching joints and back pain

  • Improved blood sugar levels, cholesterol, and blood pressure

  • Renewed energy & well-being

  • Long-term results thanks to the education & support from our weight loss experts

Dr. Bryan Haas with weight loss patient at clinic in Montrose, California.

If you want to finally lose those extra pounds and improve your life, Dr. Haas and his team wants to help you with a real and lasting weight loss program. Fill out the form below to request your consultation and see what it will take to reach your weight loss goals!

Finally, Get Rid of that Extra Weight

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